A pillar, supporting organizations to connect with audiences in the digital realm. But fun.

Here's what we do

Content Universe

Creators at heart. Building Greece’s biggest social universe.

  • Daily Users 1.2M
  • Total Assets 20
  • Eng. 4.3M
  • Reach 10M


app screens for trendit app and TYN app

We embrace technology in such a way that we actually build products. construction sign


Stuff we made for our clients and we're proud of. Both.

Imperius x AlphaTV

This is how we made a TV broadcaster relevant with younger audiences. Who hate TV.

Imperius x SPORT24

We worked closely with SPORT24 and managed to go from “leader” to “pioneer” in less than 6 months.

Imperius x efood

You can easily deliver reach and impressions, but what about really dominating Social?

Imperius x BBDO

There are no boring products or boring clients. Ask Klinex ;)

Imperius x Plaisio

Plaisio saw the massive potential behind a very specific Facebook Group. The rest is history.

Thank you, Next: The Podcast

The case of expanding the Thank You, Next universe to audio-first channels.