Case studies: Delivering a Branded Content Masterpiece

Case Studies

Imperius x efood

Delivering a Branded Content Masterpiece

Reached. Engaged. Delivered.

The Case

In a Social Media reality defined by creators, user-driven communities and influencers, it is no wonder that Greece’s #1 delivery service still goes hunting for incremental reach and meaningful attention. The efood team knew very well that a brand cannot simply become internet “talk of town” just by ramping up the spend on paid ads; they needed to become part of the zeitgeist and the conversation, building affinity with hard-to-get audiences: late millennials and of course, the notorious Gen Z.

Efood Native Content TYN

The Challenge

efood presented us with a straightforward challenge: what’s the best way to build a long-term branded content strategy that can promote all of their key offers (1+1), USPs (fast delivery, massive product variety) and new services (efood market)? Then, the plot thickened: what Imperius content assets should we leverage for this plan? What kind of audience segmentation should we do? How will the audience react to an activation that would last more than a few days? Are people still going to love efood even when they have it hanging out with them? Is this going to work? Well, it kinda did.

The Approach

It’s no nuclear science that food, beverages and consumer goods in general are inseparable from the daily lives of everyone: singles, couples, geeks, lovers, 9 to 5ers, married people. We knew that this massive flexibility would allows us to integrate efood in almost all the Imperius content assets: Thank You, Next (Greece’s largest and most influential online community), Office Life (a high-engagement community on daily work matters) and Screenshots that changed my life (pretty self-explanatory there). We were also very serious about integration, as we intended to use the whole array of assets and content types from the above-mentioned communities: Facebook Groups & Pages, Instagram, TikTok, Spotify Podcasts, text-only posts, stories, video, screenshots; the list goes on. The most important element of our approach however, was that efood was going to become, act and behave like a regular member of the Imperius communities, delivering mind-blowing lines, jokes and seriously unexpected reactions.

The Solution

The long-term affinity-building plan was executed to perfection, across the board:
Several quality stories with native delivery content placement were posted on TYN, with efood ambushing fans in the comments section.
Multiple efood app screenshots started a meme trend on “Screenshots that changed my life”.
Branded memes were shared in “Office Life”.
2 x tailor-made TYN podcast episodes were aired, amassing over 3K unique listeners on a 89% completion rate.
Additional earned media achieved by the campaign being a hot discussion point in Digital Professionals Facebook Groups (now that’s meta!).

Needless to say, the wider Imperius community loved it! With single efood comment recording up to 3.1K reactions, people started discussions, made requests to the brand for offers or obscure gadgets and at some point, waited for it to appear in every posted TYN story. Our one-of-a-kind branded content campaign scored impressive numbers: more than 2.2M total reach (organic + earned), more than 21.5K engagements across channels and at least 2.4K user-generated comments on relevant posts.

Greatness. Delivered.

Efood Native Branded Content
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