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Thank You, Klinex(t)!

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The Case

The cleaning product category is heavily chastised for being overly feature-centric in their communications, working with stereotypes, targeting mainly women and seriously lacking fun or unpretentious coolness. The Klinex brand in Greece clearly wanted to change the status quo and establish a fresher image for the classic disinfectant, all while driving sales. We instantly agreed: times are a changin’ , and along with the talented folks of BBDO, we designed an unexpected social engagement promo to deliver on all fronts and shift the perception for the whole category.

The Challenge

Our mission was to find the right way to speak about cleaning & disinfection to a young, inclusive audience in a relevant and fun way. This sounds like another generic brief for a consumer product brief, but the Klinex team had made it clear that they were not expecting content ideas for their channels, but something more intricate. The raging COVID-19 outbreak at the time didn’t make things any easier, as everyone was understandably uneager at that point to engage with more online content around “How To Keep Your Home Surfaces Clean”. Especially with a brand as the conversation starter. How could we turn a menial daily chore to an interesting and fun online discussion?

The Approach

After analyzing the content on our online communities, we noticed that cleaningness is a major, recurring theme in Thank You, Next (in short, TYN) user-generated stories. TYN is an Imperius-owned content asset. A closed Facebook group where people upload their break-up stories on a 24/7 basis and that quickly evolved to Greece’s largest and most active online community. The story narratives contained large doses of everyday life and of course, cleaning and disinfection is pretty much essential to 2021 everyday life (apologies for the memories everyone). Suddenly, we realized that we had a golden opportunity to bring the client’s brand into the hottest online comment party; just like we intended: in a relevant, educational and fun way. The Klinex way.

The Solution

Our unconventional campaign was, of course, deployed in an equally unconventional way. We worked closely together with BBDO to tirelessly monitor and to ambush relevant community posts within TYN, replying real-time with timely, surprising and highly-creative content. From reaction .GIFS and pro disinfection tips, to lit rap bars, dating advice and cleaning puns, we managed to make the Klinex discussion fun as ever. Once we saw the overwhelmingly positive reception of the activation, we decided not to stop there, and made sure that selected OPs received Klinex goodie bags via DMs.

The results of this social activation speak for themselves: Only one of the several KLINEX comments sparked more than 10K reactions and more than 500 positive replies to it. Our engagement campaign escalated quickly and managed to record impressive numbers: more than 5.9M people reached, 41.1K Facebook reactions recorded, and 3.8K user-generated comments devoted to KLINEX-related discussions.


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