Case studies: The Bachelor GR: Sitting Comfortably on the Entertainment’s TikTok Throne

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Imperius x AlphaTV

The Bachelor GR: Sitting Comfortably on the Entertainment’s TikTok Throne

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The Case

The Greek TV industry used to be cynically practical with their SoMe content: they just repackaged footage, highlights and stills from their shows. Excluding the affinity for celebrity presenters that always added a fair share of engagements to some of those posts, the overall content’s performance was to say the least… underwhelming. Alpha TV was no stranger to the situation, and given their ambitious plan to introduce quite a few new shows and franchises, they knew they couldn’t afford mediocrity and being indifferent to young audiences. This is why they got in touch with us.

The Challenge

Early 2021, when Alpha TV asked us to design and curate The Bachelor GR’s presence on social media from scratch, things got real: we immediately decided it was a golden opportunity to go full TikTok, creating exclusive content, impressive backstage material and showcasing the participants’ personality in ways never shown before. What we essentially saw behind their request, was a digitally extended content universe for the hit reality reality show. Not your ordinary social media.

The Approach

So, to create a sustainable TikTok strategy for a TV show with several people starring in it. Where do we start from? We knew we needed to produce lots of original content. In order to keep up with the insatiable appetite of TikTok users, we designed 3 content pillars (trending now / UGC / episode highlights) to have enough assets for 3-4 uploads per day. To ensure speed and quality for the final result, we installed a dedicated Imperius partner to be present in the daily show shootings, having personal time with the show participants in order to create truly OG content that is suitable for TikTok use. Having done our research around the most successful TikTok case until that time, we knew that if we made compromises, the account would tank. So, we meant business.

The Solution

The Alpha TV team enabled us to create a TikTok juggernaut, the first and only of this scale in the Greek market until now. Our approach allowed us to have approved and uploaded non-stop content across all pillars: show participants doing their version of trending, global TikTok challenges, best lines of the show uploaded as unique sounds so fans could do their own Bachelor takes, episode highlights, bloopers and dramatic moments. Last but not least, we released our own TikTok challenge and invited all fans to participate, with the actual Bachelor handing virtual roses via duets, to the best challenge videos! Needless to say, TikTok quickly became the spearhead social channel for the show and it was quickly approved to continue smashing records for the show’s 2nd season, too.

That went well: 280K followers and 16M likes after, the Bachelor GR TikTok remains the biggest and most popular branded channel of the medium in Greece. Sometimes it pays to dream big.

Challenge accepted. And shattered to pieces.

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